A neat little website at the outskirts of the Internet.

My name is Patrick Darwinkel and I am an Artificial Intelligence student of the University of Groningen. I initially bought this domain name to make my server administration more convenient, but one thing led to another: before I realised it I had my own e-mail server, file server, backup server, Nano node and more. The only thing that I lacked was a pleasant homepage. So here we are. Welcome to the DarwinkelNet.

Curriculum Vitae

My official curriculum vitae can be found here. It has been protected with a password. Should we have met in person, then the password is on my personal business card. If you have not received my card but you do have a genuine interest, feel free to contact me about a password request.


In addition to the availability of my contact details in my curriculum vitae, I have added a handy digital vCard that can be imported into your mobile phone or e-mailclient. As with my curriculum vitae, it has been password protected.

You can verify the authenticity of the vCard and curriculum vitae by validating the SHA256-hashes.

SHA256 4f2f68a11026810cee6c9732ca335076dd984cac59e4735726bae042a06cd8b1 Curriculum_Vitae_Patrick_Darwinkel.pdf

SHA256 3f6b29693541d00bd39ad31b57d53f0b3b8709954e610a94c0834df61c2c9741 Patrick_Darwinkel.vcf

I don't use any social media, so e-mail and Matrix are the only ways to get in touch with me if you do not have my phone number. If you do have my phone number, you can also contact me using WhatsApp.